Carrollwood Bible Chapel had its beginning in September of 1983 when a group of like-minded brethren felt the need for a New Testament patterned church in a newly expanding community (Carrollwood) of northern Tampa.   Two brothers in Christ, Conrad Campbell and Mike Gentile, pioneered the work.  The assembly met at the Carrollwood Civic Center, until the chapel was constructed in 1986.


Since its inception, the believers at CBC have worked to spread the gospel throughout Carrollwood by means of door to door evangelism, yearly VBS programs, gospel meetings, visitation, and relationships with friends of those attending Carrollwood Bible Chapel. During the mid 90's CBC had a significant impact on the lives of many students of the Chamberlain High School track team as a result of several of its young people attending Chamberlain during those years. Several of those young people continue serving Christ today. Over the years, many individuals have made professions of faith and have gone through the waters of "believers" baptism.

Throughout its existence, the believers at Carrollwood Bible Chapel have chosen to remain faithful to conservative Bible teaching, traditional Christian hymnology, and modest Christian living. CBC has maintained a family atmosphere and has hovered above and below the 100 mark in terms of size. All ministry (including leadership) at CBC was, and continues to be, carried out by believers based on their desire to serve Christ, and to do so without financial remuneration.

One of the unique features of the Carrollwood gathering is that it has almost always been made up of believers from over twenty (20) different nations from around the world, a testimony to the power and grace of God in His saving work (Acts 15:14-15Rev. 5:9). 

Perhaps more unique than this, is the fact that many of the children who were members of the families that founded CBC, are now carrying on the work of the local church themselves. Children who once ran around in the parking lot after meetings, now administer many of the works at CBC while their children are now in Sunday School. With our past emphasis on ministering to the children of families in fellowship at CBC, the Lord has raised up a new generation of servants who minister in leading roles in the assembly and in the foreign field today.